Journalist reveals WWE plans to bring Elimination Chamber to Arabia in February

Sean Ross A journalist from the Figthful Select portal, stated in a publication that WWE has an interest in bringing the elimination chamber stipulation to its next PPV in Saudi Arabia, which would take place on February 19. So far it is not known if it will be Super ShowDown, Crown Jewel or some new event.

According to Ross, preparations to bring this style of fighting to Arab lands have been developing since the last show that was given there (Crown Jewel).

Elimination Chamber is the last route to WrestleMania and it is here that rivalries climax only to later come to an end on the largest stage in wrestling history.

The first time we saw this stipulation was 20 years ago. On November 17, 2022 Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Dam (RVD), Kane and his ex-best friend, Shawn Michaels, who in that year returned from a severe back injury that had him out of the ring for four years.

The first eliminated was RVD before 10 minutes at the hands of the champion, who applied his recognized ‘pedigree’. Three minutes later, Booker received the ‘chokeslam’ from the Red Machine and the ‘sweet chin music’ from the ‘Boy Breaking Hearts’ to get out of the fight.

At 22 minutes, Kane received triple punishment from Jericho, Michaels and the ‘Game’ to be eliminated from the fight. Later, and to the surprise of many, Y2J left the race after receiving a ‘sweet chin music’ from HBK.

In the end were Triple H and Shawn Michaels, who were in an intense rivalry that lasted for many years and after a bloody exchange of blows, Michaels managed to defeat the ‘Brain Killer’ to be crowned for the first and only time World Heavyweight Champion.