Journalists die in Haiti after being shot and burned alive by an armed gang

Two journalists were burned alive at the hands of a criminal gang called ‘Ti Makak’ at noon on Thursday, January 6, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti according to local media.

Is about Wilguens Louissaint Y John wesley amady who ended up dead in an area called Laboule 12, reported Le Nouvelliste. The information was corroborated by Radio Écoute FM, a medium for which one of them worked.

“We condemn with the utmost rigor this criminal and barbaric act, which constitutes a serious attack against the right to life in general and journalists, in particular, to freely exercise their profession in the country,” said the general director of Radio Écoute FM , Francky Attis, through a statement posted on social networks.

According to this station, where Wesley Amady worked, the communicator I was working on the production of a report on insecurity in the area.

Likewise, Radio Écoute FM announced the momentary cessation of its operations in Haiti, a country that is experiencing multiple crises, “as a sign of solidarity with the victim’s family.”

For its part, the Online Media Collective issued a statement on Thursday night in which it urged the authorities to assume their responsibility to create favorable security conditions.

Other media maintain that there was a third journalist, who was able to flee.

In Laboule 12 there are intense fighting between various armed gangs that want to take control of the area.

The assassination against Jovenel Moïse perpetrated on July 7, 2021, agitated the climate of insecurity that was already high in the Caribbean nation. That day an armed group entered his private residence and killed him.