JP ‘El Chamaco’: “My music is for real people and without poses”

¨I have come to stay and make history in music. The cast is not a fashion, it’s a reality¨, maintains the also composer, JP ‘El Chamaco’, about the musical genre, born in Cuba and with which he was in charge of closing the return of EEG, in its new season.

JP ‘El Chamaco‘, he assures that for many years he has been working in silence, his music was first heard through social networks, for which figures such as JEfferson Farfan, Yahaira Plasencia, models, TV hosts, comedians and especially young people began to imitate their unique steps. ¨It is music for real people and without poses, that is why people love the style and you have to give it what people like¨, he says enthusiastically.

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The 31-year-old artist assures that he is not resting on his laurels and his return from Cuba has been loaded with a series of new projects and themes. “My projects are on another level because I feel that my country deserves the best. Today we enjoy ‘Look at me’, a song that is playing (on his official account on Youtube It is close to two million reproductions). I am working very hard with my work team so that things this year turn out in the best way”, comments the artist.

JP ‘El Chamaco’, has managed to make several of his songs become trends in the social mediasuch is the case of issues like ” Look at me”, “You have me sick”, “Airplane Mode”, “Tell him you’re leaving”, among others. “The support I’ve been receiving is incredible, both on social media and on every stage I walk on. I think I’m on the right path to continue growing,” she concludes.