Juan Gabriel and the kiss on the mouth to Pablo Escobar that almost cost him his life

Juan Gabriel He is one of the most remembered music idols in Mexico and all of Latin America. Since his death on August 28, 2016 from an acute myocardial infarction, many stories, anecdotes of his life have been told and even series inspired by his legacy have been made.

However, there has also been talk about his alleged link with Colombian drug cartels, led at that time by Pablo Escobar. The journalist Anabel Hernández narrated a controversial episode in her book Emma and the other ladies of the narco, with which she explained that the singer’s life was in danger due to a kiss.

The Mexican star had a dangerous encounter with Pablo Escobar. As narrated in said work, everything took place during a party organized by the Guadalajara Cartel, who maintained a link with the aforementioned drug leader

Juan Gabriel was hired to animate the event, which was attended by dangerous criminals, including the Colombian, and in that place he accepted a bet of 1 million dollars if he managed to kiss him on the lips.

Hernández said that the interpreter of “Hasta que te ací” agreed due to pressure and fear of the environment where his concert was taking place. In addition, he said in said publication that the Mexican achieved his mission, without imagining the reaction that Escobar would have.

According to the journalist’s statements, Pablo Escobar He did not take well the gesture that Juan Gabriel had when he kissed him on the mouth, so he did not hesitate to take out a firearm and shoot ‘Divo de Juárez’ at him.

Although they later explained to the drug trafficker that it had been a joke, the Aztec artist could not continue with his presentation and had to leave the place for fear that his physical integrity would be in danger.