Juan Luis Guerra arrives in Peru and takes his first photos with his fans before his concert: “It’s a pleasure to see you”

The singer Juan Luis Guerra arrived in Lima to give his great concert this Thursday, May 25, at the St. Mark’s Stadium. His fans were excited to receive him and he was grateful for all that love by taking photos with them.

As can be seen in his official account of instagram, the interpreter of ‘Las Avispas’ shared several stories where he enjoys spending time with his followers in Peru. Also, he was happy to be here again.

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“With my dear friends from Peru it is always good to see them,” he wrote before his presentation tonight. Many of his fans have let him know that they are counting down the hours to see him on stage.

“Months later the day came”, “The best of all time, the master JLG”, “We look forward to seeing you”, “See you today”, “An artist who works from the heart”, “Everything has its time” , were the positive reactions that they left him.

Let us remember that in November of last year, one of his presentations in Lima was cancelled, which caused his followers to pack suitcases, but it was not by the artist’s decision, but because the necessary security measures were not established for the realization of this event.

“And above all make it clear that it was escaping from their hands, they are decisions of the pertinent authorities of Peru and that many people have been left with the desire, including me, to see it,” Rebeca Escribns said at the time, reporting on this fact.

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List of songs that Juan Luis Guerra will sing in concert in Lima

Fans in Peru are looking forward to the Juan Luis Guerra concert tonight in Lima. Here we share some songs that the artist would sing at this event. Among these are the classic and popular ones.

“Rosalía”, “The journey”, “The key to my heart”, “It’s worth it”, “Like me”, “Kitipun”, Pambiche as a girlfriend” and the remembered “Niagara by bike“.

Guerra will also interpret “Razones”, “Yesterday”, “For you”, “Like a bee to the honeycomb”, “You”, “Visa for a dream”, “I hope it rains coffee”, “El farolito”, “Las avispas” , “To ask for her hand”, “Bachata Rosa” and “La bilirubina”.

You can find tickets from 50 soles to the most expensive of 410 soles in the Platinum sector. They are still available in Teleticket, so if you decide to go you can find a place in this event.