Juan Luis Guerra concert canceled: Arena Peru will be restructured to “improve the experience”

Hundreds of users were harmed after the crowds at the first concert of Juan Luis Guerra and the Municipality of Surco was forced to close the Sand Peru. For this reason, this Wednesday, November 23, the directors of the venue spoke out and the Dominican fans apologized.

Juan Luis Guerra sold out at the two concerts he planned to give in Peru. The singer’s first show took place this Tuesday, November 22, but hours later, chaos broke out at the Arena Peru. The attendees denounced the overselling of tickets and the social networks detonated criticizing the production, Teleticket and, above all, the leaders of the Arena Perú.

Through social networks, the directors of Arena Perú spoke before the closure of the venue by the Municipality of Surco after the large number of people who exceeded the capacity at the Juan Luis Guerra concert.

“With the aim of improving and guaranteeing a safe and quality experience for the attending public, Arena Peru communicates that it will enter a restructuring process until further notice,” the statement can be read.

Finally, they assured that they read and listened to the criticism and recommendations of the general public: “This pause will serve to develop the necessary improvements in the facility, taking into account the comments of the public and authorities.”

Similarly, the organization in charge of the Juan Luis Guerra concert issued a statement in which it apologized to the fans who were planning to attend the second show: “The production offers its most sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to the public that I hoped to enjoy the second show of the Dominican star”.