Juan Luis Guerra concert in Lima suspended

The second concert that Juan Luis Guerra was going to celebrate this Wednesday in Lima was suspended, after complaints received against the organization for exceeding the capacity limit of the concert that the Dominican artist gave on his first date this Tuesday at the local Arena Perú.

For the concert held on Tuesday night, the Arena Peru stadium had an authorization to accommodate 9,000 people, taking into account the security measures that the show had.

“However, yesterday the organizers allowed more than 14,000 people to enter,” Ronald Rojas, the head of Inspection Operations for the municipality of Surco, said on Channel N, after hanging signs indicating the closure of the stadium.

He explained that at the time of admission there were inspection personnel who kept count of those attending the concert, but that they could not prevent the entry of excess public by the organizers.

He pointed out that they urged them to stop allowing more entry, because yesterday there was “imminent danger”, and indicated that there were still many people who were left out.

He also said that the respective sanctions against the organizers have already been carried out and that today this complementary measure of closing the stadium is taking place “so that people’s lives are not put at risk.”

“If (yesterday) the rule was already violated, there definitely has to be not only the sanction of the court but also the corrective measure, and in this case it is the temporary closure (of the stadium),” said Rojas.

During the night of Tuesday, numerous images, videos and testimonials from those attending the concert of Juan Luis Guerra in which the little space existing in the public and the problems that occurred when leaving the premises were denounced.

This incident is not the only incident reported in concerts in Lima, since in recent weeks, in the performances of artists such as Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny, thousands of tickets were denounced as false and there were also thousands of resales that left many people without their access.