Juan Luis Guerra in Lima: a song to love, joy and faith

The stadium of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos was chosen to host the singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra and his band 4.40 on the tour “Between the sea and palm trees”. On the night of May 25, thousands of fans, young and old, gathered to listen to the best of the Dominican repertoire.

At around 9:00 pm, Dj Korduroy played his best mixes, thus announcing that there were only a few minutes left to start, thus warming the spirits of the attendees who continued to arrive. Half an hour later and under the shouts of the fans (“Juan Luis, Juan Luis”), the screens turned off and then turned on, taking us to the sun and the sea.

YOU CAN SEE: Juan Luis Guerra thanks fans for their understanding after technical failures in his show: “Beautiful audience”

Suddenly, the kettledrums and the games of light welcomed the singer on stage, who was involved with the applause of his followers who joined in chanting “La rosalía”, the first theme with which he opened the evening.

“It’s a pleasure to be with you. May they enjoy this ‘Between the sea and palm trees’ a lot”, announced Guerra to set the dance quota with “La travesía”, “La llave de mi corazón”, “Vale la pena” and “Como yo”.

The night was passing and the stadium was filled not only by adults. Indeed, the various tropical rhythms combined between salsa and merengue also attracted young people, who were seen dancing to the rhythm of bachata “Kitipun”.

Then, it was followed by a medley of the 90s salsa repertoire with songs like “Razones”, “Yesterday” and “Carta de amor”, which reminded more than one of the beginnings of the Dominican. Afterwards, the stadium was illuminated by the light of the cell phones when “El Niágara en bicicleta” sounded, a highly anticipated theme among the attendees.

Juan Luis Guerra also took a moment to wish Gian Marco, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, well. “I have a friend whom I appreciate very much and I want to dedicate him and tell him that the King of kings is a healer, that nothing is impossible for him,” said the composer, before singing the Christian theme “For you.”

Fans of Juan Luis Guerra enjoyed his repertoire. Photo: The Republic

Later, the composer released another miscellany of hits such as “Estrellitas y duendes”, “Bachata en Fukuoka”, “Qué benediction”, “Frío frío” and “Burbujas de amor”. With this, Guerra went for a brief intermission and left at 4.40 to interpret some songs.

At the end, the singer returned to the scene to perform “You” and “Visa for a dream.” With the latter, there were already some couples taking advantage of the artist’s fine romantic lyrics. At this point, the esplanade was turning into a dance floor with “El costo de la vida”, “Ojalá que llueva café” and “Las avispas”, a theme that was perhaps the most popular song of the night and that resounded throughout the stadium. of San Marcos.

Juan Luis Guerra listened to the public and continued his show

Juan Luis Guerra was saying goodbye, the lights went out and the venue was covered, but his audience asked him to continue. For this last reason, the singer again continued the pachanga with “I’m going to ask for her hand.” Around that time, a noise and subsequent speaker failure baffled fans; however, they encouraged the musicians to keep going despite the technical glitches.

“The technician tells us that it is a fiber optic cable that has been damaged twice, but we have a beautiful audience that gives us their love,” said Guerra and asked them to continue celebrating and singing with them. In this way, “I give you a rose” calmed the restlessness of the fans to join the romantic melody of that song.

A party of colors between the fusion of Latin rhythms was what was experienced in a show that could not end without turning us on with “La bilirubina”. Without a doubt, Juan Luis Guerra continues to be the reference that we will continue to hear from generation to generation and whose songs are not only reproduced to liven up our parties, but also to dedicate them to that special person.