Juan Luis Guerra talks about the suspension of his concert in Lima, Peru

Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra He addressed his Peruvian fans regretting the cancellation of his second concert at the Sand Peruafter it was canceled due to exceeding the capacity limit of the stadium.

Through a video posted on his official Instagram account, the artist said he had every desire to offer the best show, but he was informed that the arena had been closed by the relevant authorities.

“As you know, this situation is out of our hands, and it affects both you and us. We hope to come back soon and meet again. Thanks for the love always. A big hug and blessings,” said the singer.

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According to EFE agencyGuerra would perform with a second concert on Wednesday the 23rd in Lima, but the concert was suspended after complaints received against the organization for exceeding the capacity limit of the concert that the Dominican artist gave on his first date this Tuesday at the local Arena Perú .

For the concert held on Tuesday night, the Arena Peru stadium had an authorization to accommodate 9,000 people, taking into account the security measures that the show had.

“However, on Wednesday the organizers have allowed more than 14,000 people to enter,” Ronald Rojas, the head of Inspection Operations for the municipality of Surco, said on Channel N, after hanging signs indicating the closure of the stadium.

During Tuesday night, numerous images, videos, and testimonials from those attending the Juan Luis Guerra concert were shared on social networks, denouncing the little space that existed in the public and the problems that occurred when leaving the venue.