Juan Víctor, Andrea San Martín’s ex, chased after a thief who tried to steal his cell phone: “I shouldn’t have done it”

Andrea San Martín’s ex-partner, Juan Víctor, suffered an attempted assault in the district of Groove, so due to his great annoyance, he decided to share the images from the security cameras where the precise moment is seen. The entrepreneur showed what happened on his official Instagram account, regretting what people are exposed to.

John Victorwho became known for his ex-relationship with andrea san martin and later due to the disputes they have as parents, he was upset with the citizen insecurity that exists in Surco, where he noted that he is not the only person in his environment who has suffered assaults of this type of act.

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As can be seen from security camera footage, John Victor He was concentrating on his cell phone, when near him there is a motorized vehicle that supposedly delivers. This one is parked, however, then he proceeds to mobilize and that is when, approaching him, he tries to snatch the mobile he is holding.

After that, John Victor He only managed to chase him, although he acknowledged in his publication that he should not have done so. “They couldn’t tear my cell phone off. I ran around it… out of anger, maybe I shouldn’t have done it. But in Surco they are doing this. They did the same to a couple of friends in recent days,” wrote Andrea San Martín’s ex-partner.

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What did Andrea San Martín say about her ex-relationship with Deyvis Orosco?

andrea san martin He recalled his relationship with the singer of Grupo Néctar, Deyvis Orosco, noting that what captivated the cumbia musician was his personality and confidence. She revealed that those qualities were what she liked the most.

“Deyvis has always been quite confident in himself. (…) What strikes me the most in a man, almost always, is the confidence he has, his personality, feeling sure of himself”, counted andrea san martin about Deyvis Orosco.