Juanes does not support social networks

Juanes has something very clear: “I hate social networks, I hate them, it’s not that I hate them, because I don’t hate people. I mean, I do hate social networks, but that’s why that means, what it implies, what what is there to do”.

Despite the fact that he only has 4.3 million followers on Instagram, the Colombian singer-songwriter surprised in a video on that social network, in which he made his confession of animosity to social networks, quite the opposite to the rest of his family.

“Cecilia (his wife) loves social networks, my children love social networks, so of course, it’s the same all day, I say all day ‘but what my *** I make up, no …. I’m sucked I don’t want to invent anything else about that shit, it’s worth seeing ** the pu *** social networks, ”he said.

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Between September and October of last year, the interpreter of “The black shirt” made his first tour in more than two years, which took him to various states in the United States.

“Now we value much more what we do. Before the covid-19 we almost took it for granted,” Juanes said in September during an interview with Efe when talking about his desired return to live performances after the inevitable stoppage caused by the pandemic.

The “Origin” tour began on September 16 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Miami Beach and concluded on October 15 at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago.

It also included Miami and Chicago will make stops in Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Riverside, Anaheim, San Diego, Santa Ana, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.

The winner of 25 Grammy and Latin Grammy awards released his 10th studio album, accompanied by an Amazon documentary also called “Origin”, listed as a “masterpiece” by Rolling Stone magazine.

It includes covers of songs by Carlos Gardel, Juan Luis Guerra, Joe Arroyo, Joaquín Sabina, Kraken, Fito Paéz, Bob Marley, Diomedes Díaz, Juan Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen and Familia André.

Paéz, Sabina, Guerra and Ziggy, one of Bob Marley’s sons, have collaborated with Juanes on the production.

As the singer of “A Dios le Pido” tells EFE, it was a project that had been in the pipeline for a long time and that could not see the light as it would have wanted in 2020 but this year due to the pandemic, and that it will mark a before and after in his career.

“Nostalgia is always important,” he underlines when Efe asks him if this backward view is because he is getting older.

“I am no longer Juanes, now I am Juan Esteban”, says with humor the best known current Latin rocker, who in “Origin” has dared to cover the mythical “Volver”, by Carlos Gardel, one of his father’s favorites. who used to sing it in the family home.

+ Heart and memory

The twelve songs on the album have been chosen with “heart” and “memory”, but are obviously not all that could be.

The singer born 49 years ago in the department of Antioquia (Colombia) affirms that he is “fascinated” to reconnect with what he has been through the versions of the songs he heard in his childhood, adolescence and the beginning of his artistic career before becoming soloist and, incidentally, pay tribute to its authors.

“Our origin is where the direction of our life and our place in the universe begins and takes shape. For me, the origin is in the love for music instilled by my family, the appreciation for my culture and the discovery of songs and artists that touched my soul from the beginning “, said Juanes when he presented his last album for now.

The next one is already on the way. It will be released in the present 2022 and, according to Efe, it will have something new in harmony that will give it a different sound. Hence, he says that “Origin” is going to be a before and after in his music.

Juanes stresses that he feels heir and grateful for having had access to Latin American folk music from an early age, which was what was heard at home and with which he learned to play the guitar.

As a child he felt different from the other children who generally did not have those musical roots and now he also feels strange but satisfied for having made an album like “Origin”.

The current music scene is characterized by “the democratization of sounds”, by “a format that if you are not there, you are not,” he replied diplomatically when Efe asked him about the dominant position of reggaeton.

“I still feel strange and I find it fun and special,” emphasizes Juanes, who on September 23 will be one of the artists performing at the Billboard Latin Music Awards gala.

“There are so few spots on television to introduce yourself that when there is an opportunity like this I appreciate it,” he said.

Juanes was declared by “Time” magazine one of the “100 most influential people in the world” and is the only artist with two songs on Billboard’s “Top-5 Latin Pop Songs of All-Time” list.

Known for his own sound that combines a deep love for rock and pop with intelligent, multidimensional songs and a reverential respect for the native and folk rhythms of his native Colombia and Latin America, Juanes has sold millions of records around the world and has been named “Person of the Year of the Latin Recording Academy”.