Jubilee year: Love and devotion for the Virgin of Altagracia

This time the devotees of the Virgin of Altagracia they have not had to make a pilgrimage trip to pay her the inscribed devotion for being the patron saint of the Dominican people. They have done so through the activities that are being carried out to commemorate the 100 years of his coronation.

The honors to the virgin make a stop in the Colonial City, with an agenda of activities organized by the ladies María Amalia León and Patricia Reid, members of the Museum Volunteers; Fabiola Herrera, for the Museum of the First Cathedral of America; Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer, treasurer of the Unidos por la Altagracia movement, and businesswoman Soraya Checo de Álvarez.

Since the celebrations for the jubilee year began, Sonia Villanueva has been responsible for coordinating actions to raise funds and support the initiatives carried out by the National Organizing Commission for the Centenary of her Canonical Coronation, which is chaired by Monsignor José Dolores Grullón Estrella, bishop emeritus of San Juan de la Maguana.

In this meeting held in the Arturo J. Pellerano Alfau room of Listín Diario, Villanueva said that the prayers to the Virgin are bearing fruit, since work has already begun on the construction of the Temple to the Virgin of Altagracia in Hoyoncito, Hato. Mayor, because the canvas with his image appeared there and was later taken to Higüey.

The Virgin of Altagracia is the only dedication that is born from the bowels of the town. And it is the one that represents the Nativity of the Holy Family. We want all the miracles and works that are being done to prevail in the new generations. the great celebration that will be on August 15”he expressed.

He reported that a medal is being worked on in Spain that will serve as souvenir. And, although the temple is not ready, they are praying that these 100 years serve to put her in the seat she deserves, as other countries have done with their virgins. Likewise, contests for a hymn and a rosary are being held.

Together with her, Soraya Checo de Álvarez traveled from Santiago to testify to the success of the assigned parcels, carrying with her a printed prayer to the Virgin that she gave and made as the best act of faith on this day.

He says that he was on vacation when Sonia called him to ask him to collaborate in one of the activities to raise funds for the 100 years of the Virgin. “I was about to say no, but in seconds I remembered that my name is Altagracia and my mother’s too. The virgin was part of my daily life. I said yes! And I don’t regret it.”

She explained that she was looking for a team of four friends to carry out an educational activity in Ciudad Santa María. She bought and framed a virgin and Monsignor de la Rosa and Carpio explained her meaning to the children who knew her story.

With the Carmelite nun and the art teachers, she taught them to pray the rosary and the last one was a fundraising dinner, which was a success, thanks to the artist Fernando Varela, whose works were part of the night’s attractions, and to five sponsors who deposited in the account of the Episcopate. “Was a present. I do not regret”.


“We want the people to express their devotion, which is individual and deserves respect and inclusion, within the Dominican culture and the Virgen de la Altagracia is part of it,” said María Amalia León, director of the León Center and president of the Museum Volunteers of the Colonial City.

She joins this umbrella of celebrations with the activity “Celebrating Tatica in the Colonial City”and for this the León Center made an ephemeral stop, from the 6th to the 28th of this month of May.

He said that although this is a tradition that is born from the Catholic faith, it has its cultural exponents, and for this reason, the León Center and the Volunteers have carried out a program so that this celebration is not exclusively religious.

“At the end of the day, the devotion of each person must be respected because it is a devotion of love and here there is no one in the lead and everyone carries an artocha of light to each place in the Colonial City. It seems to me inclusive, necessary; a country that begins to dialogue instead of dividing. It is joining that is the intention of the virgin, ”she said.

“We are working with a true sense of community so that the works that are being carried out are sustainable over time. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the City Council of the National District and the Tourism Cluster,” said León.

Fabiola Herrera de Valdez and Patricia Reid are contagious with the joy that overwhelms them because today they officially open the exhibition Mary, Mother of Alta Gracia in the Museum of the First Cathedral of America.

It is an exhibition of sacred art directed by a team made up of Virginia Flores, Linda Roca and César Iván Feris. All in the museography of an exhibition of paintings of the Virgin of Altagracia that are in museums, private collections and churches of different towns. Fabiola says that each painting tells a special story, each image is a testimony of faith of the painter or whoever commissioned it.

Their main attraction is the car in which the procession of the Virgin was held 100 years ago.. “We want whoever goes to have time to meditate. They are works that transmit an experience and that from May 13 to June 13 Dominicans enter the world of Mary.

A sculpture of Altagracia and Saint Joseph was sent to Ecuador to be permanently in the Cathedral.

Patricia Reid says that these last two months have been wonderful and the greatest miracle is coming together as a people. “We have works from 1800 to the present day to be exhibitedbeing a privilege to show a watercolor from 100 years ago and one by Abelardo Rodríguez Urdaneta and one by Gilberto Diez for Coronation Day”.


Friday the 13th: Santos de Palo Collective, at Casa de Teatro.

Thursday 19: Lecture “From Extremadura to Santo Domingo”, by César Iván Feris, at the Museo de las Casas Reales.

Friday 21: Artists paint the Virgin of Altagracia in various spaces and the Family Painting Workshop at the Family Museum, among other activities.