Judge grants sex change to 8-year-old trans boy: Minority is not a reason to deprive rights

This Monday, June 27, Judge Darío Carpio Estévez Pérez, of the Orense Civil Registry, in Spain granted a sex change to an 8-year-old boy, considering that he had a high degree of maturity and a stable situation of transsexuality. The next step for the minor will be to modify the mention of sex in the identification papers.

In this sense, the law establishes that the limit to exercise this right is up to 12 years of age. In addition, it is known that from 12 to 14 judicial authorization is required, and without prerequisites it is allowed from 16. However, the judge decided to grant the change of sex to the applicant despite his young age, arguing that this cannot be reason to deprive a person of his rights.

In the words of the magistrate himself, who held an interview with the minor prior to making a decision, the 8-year-old boy, named Antonio, showed a surprising degree of maturity despite his young age. At the meeting, the little boy mentioned that he always thought like a boy and that at the age of 5 he chose to change his name.

Likewise, the lawyer acknowledged that the ruling could generate controversy. However, he stressed that his determination meets the requirements of the guidelines issued by the Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the European nation.

Parallel to the judge’s verdict, a new trans law was approved in Spain. The norm, called the law for the real and effective equality of trans people, eliminates the requirement of a medical report for the change of name and sex in the Civil Registry, within a period not exceeding three months and from the age of 12 old.

Likewise, the new regulation prohibits conversion therapies and allows lesbian, bisexual women and single citizens to access human reproduction techniques.