Julián Zucchi jokes with Yiddá Eslava: “He forces me to do tiktoks”

Julián Zucchi and Yiddá Eslava are a very interactive couple through their social networks and they have demonstrated this throughout all this time by generating content in relation to their work as actors and film directors. On this occasion, the couple revealed a curious and hilarious fact behind the popular videos they record for the social network TikTok.

In that sense, the Argentine took advantage of his Instagram stories to tell that his partner, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than 9 years, forces him to learn a choreography to upload videos. “Someday I’m going to report you. I do not want to do the tiktok and less at this time. I do not want to do it. My body hurts and I say ‘no, Yiddá, please, no, no’, and I end up doing it ”.

In addition, singer Julián Zucchi added: “Why do you think I end up doing it? I end up doing it because in the end if I tell him ‘no’ he gets angry ”. The story was narrated as a joke and, according to what was seen, Yiddá Eslava was hearing everything. While she did not deny it, she only took it as an accusation. Finally, he detailed how said recorded video came out.

Yiddá Eslava touched his followers by dedicating a tender birthday message to the love of his life, Julián Zucchi on his Instagram account. As is known, last Wednesday, December 29, the artist turned one more year of life.

A part of the immense letter says: “How lucky I was to have met you, what a good decision I had to spend my time and the soles of my shoes walking hours of hours talking about our dreams and goals, telling us details that, without knowing each other, both we shared: we wanted our first son to be named Tomás and we wanted to make movies. You are everything I want, a great father, friend, partner, partner and partner ”.

Julián Zucchi and Yiddá Eslava attended the América program today to participate as panelists on a topic that they analyzed in said magazine. At that time, the spouses enlivened April Fool’s Day with their supposed separation.

However, not everyone took on the joke in the same way, as the host Ethel Pozo said sadly: “Don’t say that, one more I can’t take this year. Do not play with that, you know that I am very emotional and I cry ”, in reference to all the ruptures of 2021.