Julián Zucchi makes a peculiar complaint against Yiddá: “He forces me to do tiktoks” [VIDEO]

He tired! The well-known influencer Julián Zucchi had his birthday last Wednesday, December 29, however, now he surprised his thousands of followers by making a peculiar complaint against his sentimental partner Yiddá Eslava through his social networks.

As is known, the popular Peruvian celebrity couple has shown to have a solid relationship. Both are not even afraid to make funny jokes on the small screen. Now, the Argentine used his official Instagram account to record a clip complaining about the influencer.

“You are going to be our therapists … one day I’m going to denounce you (Slavic Yiddá). I don’t want to do Tiktoks and even less at this time, I don’t want to do it, my body hurts and I say ‘No Yiddá, no’ But he ends up doing it because I know that later he is going to be upset, because if I say no, he will go away, “he said in his clip.

For his part, Yiddá Eslava did not hesitate to respond loud and clear to the father of his children, Julián Zucchi. However, he showed that he is not uncomfortable with the words of his partner and makes it clear that he loves him. “Look at this daring … ha ha ha the old man’s back hurts ha ha ha. Oh, I love him,” he replied.

Yiddá makes chocolate for 4 thousand children and shows organization after Sideral event

A big heart. The renowned influencer Slavic Yidda He touched social networks after taking a noble action in the Amauta Valley, where he made a chocolate for Christmas to cheer up four thousand children from very low-income families. Through his social networks he told how he held the event.

Last Tuesday, December 21, the former reality girl was extremely excited and happy to meet the great challenge that was proposed weeks ago after assuming to raise more than 40 thousand soles in less than 48 hours to be able to acquire everything necessary for the celebration .