Julián Zucchi reveals that “Combate” tried to build an affair with Sheyla despite the fact that she had a boyfriend

Julian Zucchi He stated that he was another of the victims of the armed romances of the reality show “Combate”. But she did not go with Yiddá Eslava. Long before his romance with the mother of his children blossomed, the former Argentine reality boy was almost linked to none other than Sheyla Rojas. The revelation came in an interview for the “Com FM” podcast, in which he recounted that, when he arrived on the show in 2012, the production team tried to match him up as quickly as he could.

Zucchi had come to the ATV reality show to replace Miguel “Conejo” Rebosio and, given the curiosity of the production to know which girl seemed the most likeable, he replied that Sheyla Rojas, without imagining what would come next.

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Julián Zucchi and Sheyla Rojas were going to be a couple?

As part of a program dynamic, Sheyla invited him for a walk through the Parque de las Aguas. “Sheyla was very cool and, in addition, she was nice. She invited me to dinner as part of the program. She took me to the Parque de las Aguas. I heard when the cameraman told him to ‘hold his hand’. And he grabbed my hand. I told her, ‘Sheyla, no.‘”, the couple from Yiddá Eslava told “Com FM”.

Julián Zucchi came to “Combate” as a replacement for ‘Rabbit’ Rebosio. Photo: composition/dissemination/Julián Zucchi/Instagram

The surprise that Julián Zucchi got when he went out with Sheyla Rojas

Given Zucchi’s refusal to pair up with Sheyla Rojas, the model understood that there was no reason to continue acting and decided to invite someone else to her “romantic date.” The third in the plan turned out to be Israrl Dreyfus, who was, at the time, a partner of ‘Shey Shey’.

This twist in history totally surprised Julián Zucchi. “We were going to go to dinner somewhere and she says that Israel is coming. I said, ‘Who is Israel?’ I didn’t know him because he had been removed. It was Sheyla’s boyfriend! I ended up having dinner with Sheyla Rojas and her boyfriend. I said: ‘what is this?’”, revealed the film producer to the surprise of his interviewers.