Juliana Oxenford had gallbladder surgery, but they also had to remove her appendix

Juliana Oxenford He shared part of his recovery through social networks after last Saturday, April 15, he underwent a preventive gallbladder operation. The ATV driver commented that, despite everything, the surgical intervention was successful; however, it was not the only procedure she underwent while she was at the clinic. This, because the doctors who treated her discovered another condition that had to be solved immediately.

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What happened to Juliana Oxenford?

Through a publication on her official Instagram account, Juliana Oxenford gave details of the gallbladder operation she had scheduled. However, the most surprising thing was when she said that the doctor in charge of her procedure discovered that her appendix had problems, so she had to remove it.

It turns out that, at the time of the operation, the doctor discovers that my appendix was inflamed and about to develop peritonitis. The strangest thing is that 12 years ago I made a painting known as a ‘plastron’ and supposedly it no longer had an appendix. It never appeared on ultrasound and today, through visualization via laparoscopy to search for and remove the gallbladder, the appendix appears,” the publication reads.

Juliana Oxenford talks about her operation. Photo: Instagram/Juliana Oxenford

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When will you return to your program on ATV?

As a result of this unexpected change of plans in her recovery, the news presenter does not know if she will be able to return to the screens on Monday, April 17, as planned. The same way, Juliana Oxenford she is optimistic and clarifies that the most important thing for her is to stay healthy.

“Tomorrow they should discharge me and they will tell me how much rest I should continue. I already had everything planned to go to the channel on Monday – avoiding sudden movements. Hopefully it can, but first is health, always. I hug you tight and I repeat thank you for your comments and worry about me,” he wrote.

Newscaster Juliana Oxenford is 1.50 meters tall. Photo: Instagram/Juliana Oxenford