Juliana Oxenford: How did your mother Liliana Tuja meet Marcelo Oxenford and why did they break up?

Today Juliana Oxenford is one of the journalists with the greatest public recognition in Peru, due to her sagacious comments on national events. Although the journalist is a public figure, she has always wanted to keep her family life private, but on a couple of occasions she has been encouraged to present her husband in front of television cameras and only once her mother Liliana Tuja.

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The mother of Juliana Yesterday he had his first appearance on Peruvian television when he greeted his youngest daughter for her birthday, so many viewers began to question how the communicator’s mother met the actor Marcelo oxenford and for what reasons they ended.

How did Liliana Tuja and Marcelo Oxenford meet?

Not much is known about the marriage between Liliana Tuja and Marcelo Oxenford, but what did become known is that both had four children as a result of the love between them: Juan Manuel, Lorena, Patricia and Juliana, the last being the youngest of all. It should be noted that the actor has another daughter but with a separate commitment.

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Liliana She is an Argentine journalist and her daughter Juliana Oxenford is very proud of her because, according to what the journalist told her, she did multiple jobs to make all of her children professionals. As we know, the family of the TV host came to Peru in the 80s, due to her father’s work.

“I can only feel pride and admiration for the mother that life gave me. Sometimes I think what would have happened to me and my three older brothers without this brave and courageous woman who, far from her country, did nothing more than invent formulas to work so that we do not lack anything at home. I remember her breaking her back managing a humble restaurant in La Victoria, selling jewelery in the central market and even traveling to buy meat in times of scarcity and then delivering orders by bicycle … Thank you, Mom, therefore, for that unconditional love, for love me as I am, for letting me rest my head on your shoulder every time I need a complicit and protective hug, “he wrote Juliana in your account Instagram.

Why did Marcelo and Liliana break up?

It is not known the reasons why the marriage came to an end, but in 1985, shortly after the Oxenford-Tuja family arrived in the country, Marcelo began a relationship with the Peruvian actress Yvonne Frayssinet, with whom he had a daughter named Lucia Oxenford. At the beginning, all the Argentine’s children got along well but later Juliana He revealed that he no longer had contact with his father due to some differences they had.