Juliana Oxenford reveals that politicians try to ‘sweeten’ her: “They told me to have a coffee”

The well-known television host Juliana Oxenford surprised her followers by giving an exclusive interview to her colleague Verónica Linares. This time, the public figure told unpublished details of her private life, but generated reactions when talking about Peruvian politicians.

In the last video of the channel of Youtube of the linares Some anecdotes were known that the ATV journalist lived when she arrived on television and she even admitted that she received some invitations from well-known figures related to the Peruvian Government.

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“I like (politics), because I also like to take Wednesday out of politicians (laughs),” host Juliana Oxenford said at the beginning. For her part, Verónica Linares questioned her: “They have thrown corn at you, right?”

The journalist responded with complete sincerity. No, but you know?, they try to sweeten me, like ‘hey and your children must be grown up’. Sometimes they told me to have a coffee, but I don’t accept Fiesta de, no (…). I am not going to be in a place where there are politicians. We journalists cannot be their friends,” she said.

Also, Juliana Oxenford She was excited when talking about the great friendship and affection she has for the news presenter Federico Salazar, who advised her when she started in the world of television.

“Was Bruno Pinasco, Janet Barboza, Gisela Valcárcel (…) I remember that the first person who approached me, spoke to me like a father, was Federico Salazar. I took a fondness for him that I have until now and he seems to me an exceptional human being. As a person he is very good. He even made me dance with Tongo and I love cumbia, ”she said.

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How did Juliana Oxenford respond to Magaly Medina’s jokes?

the journalist Juliana Oxenford He did not hold back and reminded his partner Magaly Medina that she has the support of the ATV channel and that is why they continue to renew her contract.

“I am not a communist and I will not allow you to call me that. (…) What matters here is that the press manager supports me, that Roxana Caronado, the chairman of the board who is Marcello Cuneo Lobiano and the owner of the channel, who continue to renew my contract, despite everything they may say from me,” he said.

“Those who know my work, which lasted for many years, can attest to the number of reports I did in Venezuela against the dictatorship, first against Chávez and then against Maduro. I am one of the only journalists who said that I would not throw out for either of them, neither for Keiko, nor for Castillo, ”she emphasized.