Juliana Oxenford was about to have peritonitis: She is operated on as a “miracle” when she goes for another intervention

The journalist Juliana Oxenford underwent surgery and reported it through her Instagram account. However, the ATV figure revealed that although she went to the clinic to undergo gallbladder surgery, the doctors ended up discovering that she was about to have peritonitis, another condition that was not foreseen.

Juliana Oxenford He related how the doctors ended up discovering the peritonitis that he was about to develop. “I had a preventive operation already planned for today where they were only going to remove my gallbladder (…) It turns out that at the time of the operation, the doctor discovered that my appendix was inflamed and about to develop peritonitis,” he wrote.

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Although she is in pain at the moment, Juliana Oxenford She said she feels blessed that doctors have made this discovery. “A coincidence that is rather a gift from heaven. If my appendix had not been removed, tomorrow or the day after at the latest, I would have had to undergo a new and urgent operation. Incredible but true.”

Finally, the journalist Juliana Oxenford He revealed that he had come out of the operation well in the midst of pain, but he already has the care of the case. “Tomorrow they should discharge me and they will tell me how much rest I should continue. I already had everything planned to go to the channel on Monday – avoiding sudden movements. Hopefully I can but health is first, always,” she said.

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Is Magaly Medina no longer friends with Juliana Oxenford?

the same journalist Magaly Medina revealed that the friendship with Juliana Oxenford is overshadowed. According to the magpie, it is due to some discrepancies that both have had due to a difference of thought in recent times.

“This channel, for example, is pluralistic, here we can disagree. Personally I disagree with who my partner is, and whom I have considered a good friend, Juliana Oxenford… I disagree with her,” he explained. Magaly Medina at the time.