Jumbo manages to include the word mangú in the RAE

Jumbo announced the incorporation of the word «mangú»In the official dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. As part of the Bell, “To be Dominican It is the maximum”, Jumbo began efforts to promote the inclusion of the term and thus enhance the popular gastronomic dish Dominican. During the process, we worked hand in hand with the Dominican Language Academy, and the term was included last Thursday, December 16, as part of update 23.5 of the Spanish dictionary (DLE) of the RAE and the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE), consulted by millions of Spanish-speakers around the world.

“As a brand, Jumbo invites us to celebrate the things they do to dominicans special, anywhere in the world. At the beginning of the year, we realized that, «mangú», A very Dominican word that characterizes us around the world and represents our favorite breakfast, was not present in the DLE of the RAE, ”Says Madelyn Martínez, Vice President of Marketing and Financial Retail at Centro Cuesta Nacional. “It was at that moment when, from the hand of our agency Ogilvy Dominicana, we saw an opportunity: to use the platforms of Jumbo to promote the inclusion of the word in the dictionary, and share an important part of our identity with the world ”.

The process began on February 2, 2021, date on which Jumbo activated their social networks to raise awareness about the importance of our identity and our language. In this way, it was encouraged to provoke content creators, specialized in raising awareness among dominicans on relevant issues as well as inviting the general public to echo the proposal. The content was grouped under the label # Mangu´EnLaRAE, with the aim of having a multinational scope. The same tag served to promote responses from the target audience about the word appreciation initiative. mangú and the culture that surrounds it.

Centro Cuesta Nacional contacted the Dominican Language Academy, led by Mr. Bruno Rosario Candelier to consult the due process of inclusion, since it is the institution that leads the matter at the local level, and its purpose is to favor the study of our language and promote its development. Through the ADL, the Guzmán Ariza de Lexicography Institute (IGALEX) was also added, a non-profit institution, whose mission is the lexicographic research of Spanish in its Dominican, Antillean, American and general varieties, and who contributed with the survey lexicographical of the word.

Simultaneously, a survey of all uses of the word in various media was carried out, to demonstrate the scope that the term has both in Spanish-speaking countries and in the United States, in accordance with the requirements for incorporating a term in the dictionary. The CCN team and the Ogilvy ad agency were tasked with looking for examples from press releases, TV shows and movies, books, restaurant menus, and any evidence where the word mangú has had a presence. All these evidences were included in an official report that was prepared in support of the justification for the inclusion of the word.

“Getting accompanied by experts in the field was a crucial part of this process, the accompaniment of both the Dominican Language Academy and the Guzmán Ariza Institute of Lexicography in the persons of its directors, Mr. Bruno Rosario Candelier and María José Rincón were invaluable for the process. ” added Amalia Vega, vice president of Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations at CCN.

Achieve the incorporation of the term mangú It is a historical feat, since it positions the term, loaded with a great meaning of origin, historical, gastronomic and cultural, at the same level as other international cultural icons such as Italian “pizza” or Peruvian “ceviche”. This new update has 2,557 new features, both amendments and additions, which have been included in the digital edition of the Spanish dictionary, accessible through the online platform www.dle.raeIt is thanks to the support of the “la Caixa” Foundation.

“We have definitely shown that being Dominican It is the best, and if we propose to present to the world the best of what we have, we are invincible. For Jumbo, fills us with great satisfaction, that through a Bell let us be part of this milestone ”, Martínez highlighted.

The brand extended its gratitude to all those who echoed the Bell and collaborated to make this a reality. From now on, all dominicans we can proudly boast that we have the presence of a typical icon Dominican in the document that brings together the most important terms of the Spanish-speaking culture at a global level.