Jury of Yo soy is the target of criticism for a tie between ‘José Feliciano’ and ‘Mon Laferte’

I am, great international battles it vibrated on Tuesday, January 11, with the presentations of the imitators of José Feliciano and Mon Laferte.

Oriana Montero came to the Latina stage and when asked who she would challenge, she did not hesitate to choose Sebastián Landa.

This presentation sparked, since Katia Palma and Jorge Henderson voted for ‘Jose Feliciano‘, but Mauri Stern and Janick Maceta chose ‘Mon Laferte’.

After the tie, the networks exploded because such a decision seemed unfair to many users. Viewers noted that Sebastian Landa is on another level and did not deserve the draw with Oriana montero.

Followers of I am, great international battles launched strong comments against the alleged lack of judgment when voting.

“Support José Feliciano” “Mon fails in his presentations”, “Feliciano must win the season now, always persevering, fighting and now he is without a doubt the best ”,“ Feliciano is on another level, it does not mean that Mon is spectacular ”, “Feliciano deserved to win, his presentation was excellent” “This season is for Feliciano. Unmatched ”, “Definitely Feliciano should have won the battle, for those who know about music, the voice comes out as natural as the original “,” It was not a tie “, were some of the messages that are read on networks.

‘José Feliciano’ and ‘Mon Laferte’ They will meet again this Wednesday, January 12. The juries of I am, great international battles They will have the complicated mission of choosing the winner of the night.