Justin Bieber and Hailey end their friendship with Kanye West for offending the rapper

Following recent statements by kanye-west for Gigi Hadid and haley baldwin a relative to Justin Bieber spoke with the TMZ medium and said that the couple is uncomfortable with Kim Kardashian’s ex-lover. Find out what the rapper said about the Canadian’s wife in this note.

As is known, Kanye West received several criticisms about his recent launch of t-shirts with a design referring to the “White lives matter” movement. One of his critics was Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the editor of Vogue magazine, who was endorsed by Hailey Bieber. This would have triggered the fury of the American singer.

After the statements of the leader of Vogue, Hailey Bieber published some Instagram stories to show the affection she feels towards Gabriella Karefa-Johnson: “My respect for you is deep, friend!” In addition, she added: “Meeting you is adoring you and working with you is an honor, the kindest, the most talented, the funniest, the most chic.”

Kanye West was uncomfortable with those publications and did not hesitate to make fun of Justin Bieber’s wife’s cosmetic surgeries: “Wait, did I cancel it again? Justin, please let me know. Justin, calm your girl down before I get mad. They want cheesy Gigi Hadid and nose job Hailey Baldloose to meet behind an obvious non-fashion industry plant on the level of Corey Gamble.”

During an interview with TMZ, the witness emphasized the support that the duo gave Kim Kardashian’s ex-partner in the past: “They are hurt by Kanye’s attacks, especially because they were there for him in 2020, when he was going through a difficult time in his life, traveling to Wyoming to visit him at his ranch.”