Kany García offers concerts full of feelings at the National Theater

The artist of Puerto Rican origin Kany garcia he delivered everything in the Eduardo Brito room of the National Theater. With two presentations: the first, on the night of Tuesday 23rd, and the second, this Wednesday, November 24th, the singer-songwriter provoked a great deal of applause from the audience, choruses from beginning to end, exclamations of “I love you” and moved the audience. some of his followers to tears.

The artist’s first words were of gratitude to the Dominicans who bought their tickets in 2020 for the show that she had that year, but who were forced by COVID-19 to wait until this date to be able to enjoy the concert.

“Thank you with all my heart for waiting, you are a generous country, being faithful, without returning a ticket, waiting for us to meet … Tonight I came here to give everything, there is no other. Thank you with all my heart ”, he affirmed.

Among the first songs performed by the artist were: “It’s me”, “When love goes away”, “Someone”, “Even if it’s a moment” and “Stay”.

The concerts that lasted one hour and thirty minutes each are part of the tour “Against the wind” that the romantic singer-songwriter is doing after the reactivation of artistic activities, which had been paralyzed by the pandemic.

In another of her interventions, the composer and winner of six Grammy Awards commented that it is important for her to say how she feels about people. “The Dominican public is a public that embraces and above all, it is a faithful public that waits”, with these words he presented “What I see in you.”

Kany, who is currently promoting her single “De Pxta Madre” and her latest studio album, “Mesa para dos”, continued to perform: “Titánica”, “Confieso” and “Para Volver a Amar”.

In the show the artist took a tour of her main hits. Traveling to his first production in 2007, with songs like: “Friend in the bathroom”, “What happened to us?” and “Today I’m leaving”, until his latest production “Mesa para dos”, when he performed songs like: “Búscame”, “What in you I see”, among others.

Without a doubt, Kany gave a concert full of magic. The fans shouted their main themes and exclaimed the departure of the artist, who was kind, grateful and said she felt embraced by the Dominican people.

“Regardless of the worst of my moments, in the Dominican Republic I find an audience that embraces me … A country is made by its people and the Dominican people have huge hearts. Thank you for this special night ”, were the last words of the artist before ending her presentation with her most recent song“ De Pxta Madre ”.