Karen Dejo talks about alleged friction with Pancho Rodríguez in EEG: “He wants to pollute the environment”

Karen Dejo talked about his partner’This is war‘, pancho rodriguez, after he was a little uncomfortable with the reality girl. The dancer said that she would not create more controversy with what has been said about the supposed problem among the “historical” participants, since the recordings of the program began recently America TV.

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“I come to do my job, I want to be happy and I’m happy. Why are they going to gossip? Why am I going to go into it, it’s bad vibes, bad vibes,” Karen Dejo said about her supposed brush with Pancho Rodriguez.

Dejo also reflected on what the people who are generating rumors among the participants of EEG. “Whoever wants to gossip should continue to harm his team, not us,” he said.

“They are the tentacles of a person who wants to pollute the environment, but everything you do comes back. The person who is doing this will have a dark aura,” said the Peruvian television figure.

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This is war would make decisions about its participants

The show host, Rebeca Escribens, commented that there could be new income in the competition reality show, after a possible drop in its rating.

Rebe commented that he would like to see the return of the Palao brothers, as is recalled, Said left the competition shortly before the closure for the 10 years of EEG.