Karin Marengo, Jorge Benavide’s wife, is being investigated for an alleged crime of money laundering

They live a difficult situation. Alfredo Benavides is at a legal crossroads after the Prosecutor’s Office held him in preventive custody of 36 months while being investigated for the alleged crime of money laundering. His wife Karin Marengo it has also been implicated.

YOU CAN SEE: Alfredo Benavides knew that he was laundering money from Carlos Burgos

The 7th Preparatory Investigation Court of the National Superior Court held the virtual hearing of the fiscal request for preventive detention against Alfredo Benavides Gastello and others in the investigation of Carlos José Burgos Horna for the crime of money laundering against the State.

In this virtual meeting, the prosecutor Leidi Gálvez Sánchez indicated that Alfredo Benavides and Karin Marengo Núñez have bought properties with ill-gotten money during the illegal administration of Carlos Burgos, former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho.

The program Amor y Fuego announced about the situation of the comic actor and his sister-in-law, thus surprising the Lima celebrity.

Who is Karin Marengo?

Karin Marengo is the wife of comedian Jorge Benavides, who today is involved in a very strong legal issue, which could even lead her to prison.

The wife of the comedian actor Jorge Benavides, Karin Marengo is being investigated for supposedly taking a loan to buy a piece of land in Trujillo, which would be in the name of the comedian.

“Subsequently, there have been some commercial relationships between them and as a result, through a loan of money that Benavides’s sister-in-law (Karin Marengo Núñez) would have made, with additional money, Carlos Burgos acquired a property in the city of Trujillo and that it would have been registered in the name of the humorous actor, ”emphasizes the prosecutor according to the statement of her witness.

Jorge Benavides presented parody of Zorrito Run Run with Rambo

After the fame of the Zorrito Run Run, Jorge Benavides decided to make a fun sketch of this animal with Rambo.

“This Saturday at JB on ATV, don’t miss the Run Run fox catch. Here he comes!” Said his ad.

Jorge Benavides reminds Andrés Hurtado of $ 250 debt

Jorge Benavides revealed live that Andrés Hurtado owes him money. However, the television host defended himself.

“Ahh, I asked you for money … When are you going to pay me my $ 250? You told me, ‘Jorge, I’ll wait for you urgently at the tap at the Cortijo’, I went flying to the tap and you were waiting without shoes, “he said.