Karla distances herself from Christian and throws a dart LIVE: “Rafael does not prohibit me, but advises”

He left with everything! Christian Domínguez is in the eye of the storm after he assured that he prohibits Pamela Franco from wearing certain clothes, and Karla Tarazona could not stop speaking out.

The ex-partner of the cumbiambero spoke EXCLUSIVELY with La República, and threw flowers to her husband Rafael Fernández, with whom she plans to have a baby in about a year.

Karla Tarazona He assured that the well-known ‘Huevero’ is like his image advisor and gives him tips, but that he has not managed to impose himself, as Christian dominguez with Pamela Franco.

“My husband is a very loving husband, he advises me, he is very aware, he is like my advisor. He is aware of my image and things obviously,” he stated during the interview.

“In my case, in the situation that I am now obviously I already burned many stages in my life and now I am in my stage as a mother, wife … It is not that he prohibits me, nor does he prohibit me, but he is very aware of my things , to advise me on what things look good on me and what things look bad on me, “he added.

Finally, Karla Tarazona stated that she decides what to wear based on how comfortable she is. “Believe me that if I suddenly had a great body, I could go out there, but I still keep myself,” he said.

Ethel Pozo destroys Christian Domínguez: “The tread of the year”

In an issue of America Hoy, Ethel Pozo She was called ‘the weeping woman of the year’ and she took the opportunity to send her ‘little girl’ to Christian Domínguez by Pamela Franco. “The tread of the year”, he specified.