Karla Tarazona affirms that Gisela called her before Christian’s ampay, but it did not last long: “Until the rating came” [VIDEO]

He removed them from his program! Karla Tarazona confesses that when it became known about the infidelity of Christian Dominguez with the dancer Elizabeth Acevedothe driver Gisela Valcarcel she gave him her backing, however it was only for two weeks as she didn’t take them back letting them enact their love on national television while she had just given birth.

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They went with strong revelations that Karla Tarazona stated that despite Gisela Valcárcel’s call before the ampay of Christian Dominguezthe blonde did not hesitate to get carried away by the rating and do the unthinkable.

“I remember that Gisela Valcárcel called you to tell you that she supported you for the bad time you were going through Christian Domínguez’s ampay with Chabela and after two weeks they entered the reality show, that’s pimping,” he said. Kurt Villavicencio.

“No one forces anyone to do anything, that is clear, what I ask myself is, how do you stand on a television program that here the women, the sponsors, call on everyone?” Karla replied.

“Sorry! but at the time what happened to me, which opened the doors to two people who did not deserve to be presented as correct people (…) he called me and expressed solidarity, but the solidarity lasted two weeks until the rating arrived, ”he said. sign.

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Karla Tarazona has no roches with Pamela Franco and even defends her

In one of D’Mañana’s programs, Kurt Villavicencio was criticizing the look of Pamela Francohaving strong comments, when Karla Tarazona stood up for her and said: “Hey, what’s wrong with you, I have it too.”

The claim was also joined adriana quevedo and the psychologist who was a guest: “We also have a cleavage,” they said to the driver of Panamericana Televisión.