Karla Tarazona and her new ‘depa’ in the Pentagonito: “I would have paid almost 14 thousand soles in the first month” [VIDEO]

Good news. the driver of D’Tomorrow Karla Tarazona promised what she said and did not return to her beloved squirts, because he wants to give him the comfort that his little ones deserve. Now, the radio host is making a grand debut of her beautiful apartment in the exclusive area of ​​Pentagonito in the district of San Borgia.

YOU CAN SEE: Karla Tarazona would not have received the 8 thousand dollars, nor the trust promised by Rafael Fernández

This was revealed by the Magaly Medina program. In the report, an investigation team went in search of a real estate professional who would give her glimpses of how much the new home would cost for the now resident of San Borja.

According to the ‘broker’, He mentioned in a phone call that the apartment would be costing between 5,000 soles per month, and around 14,000 soles between the rental and security of the place. Said ‘depa’ consists of 150 square meters, three bedrooms, the main one with bathroom included, guest bathroom, dining room, terrace, hall for ‘family room’, kitchen, laundry area, service bedroom and bathroom.

In addition, they confirmed that the rental price is 4,400 soles and maintenance is paid 577 soles, the same that includes the security service but not water and electricity.

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Karla Tarazona would not have received the 8 thousand dollars, nor the trust promised by Rafael Fernández

After presenting a note from Karla Tarazona, Magaly Medina He was encouraged to criticize the businessman: “How is it not? When they just separated, the king of eggs told us: ‘I’m going to make a trust for those boys, I’m very fond of them.’ in her name, the rent, he told her that if she leaves within fifteen days the money that is as guarantee, which is about 8 thousand dollars, will stay for Karla, and she tells us that the apartment was not in her name and the guarantee never came,” he said at first.

“Sometimes people want to sell an image, to look good with the public, but all the promises are from the mouth out. I thought that Rafael Fernández thought that he was going to fulfill everything he said, I thought that he had a real affection with the children of Karla Tarazona,” he added.