Karla Tarazona and her son with Christian Domínguez caused a furor by dancing “El worm” LIVE

Karla Tarazona and his little son Valentino, the fruit of his relationship with christian dominguez, dazzled on the set of “Préndete” the morning of this May 26. The entertainment magazine had “La Gran Orquesta Internacional” as guests to present its new hire, Jean Paul Santa María. However, the great surprise of the evening was that Domínguez was conspicuous by his absence; Meanwhile, his son came representing him.

How was the dance of “El worm” by Karla Tarazona and her son lived?

At the end of the day, prior to the farewell presentation of the cumbia group, Karla Tarazona invited the musicians to move to the rhythm of the popular dance “El gusano”. It was there when Kurt Villavicencio took the opportunity to ask Karla Tarazona to come out in front of imitating the steps of his heir. The peculiar moment was documented and the duo won the looks and applause of the public with their unique dance steps.

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How was the reunion between Karla Tarazona and Christian Domínguez?

Christian Domínguez and Karla Tarazona saw each other again during a LIVE link between the Gran Orquesta Internacional and the program “Préndete” on Panamericana TV. In that communication, the pair of public figures showed that they left their quarrels in the past and that they maintain a good relationship for the well-being of their youngest son.

Even the cumbiambero did not hesitate to send a greeting to the presenter. “Greetings to Karla, with love. How are you?” she said. After seeing the interaction between the ex-partner live, ‘Metiche’ joked about it: “Listen to me, Christian. You are here, only the guinea pig is missing and we are already ‘Hello everyone’ 2013”.