Karla Tarazona clarifies that she never vetoed Giuliana Rengifo: “There is a producer here and that is respected”

Show host Karla Tarazona decided to clarify the statements of Giuliana Rengifo, who in an interview assured that the host would have banned her from Panamerica Televisión due to the friendship she had with Leonard León, her ex-partner and father of her two oldest children, something which has become quite talked about in recent days.

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During the program D’Tomorrowit was the same Karla Tarazona who, upon reading the media headline, decided to make things clear, but before he also confronted his friend ‘Metiche’, because apparently he would have implied it, but after his explanations, The Tarazona He stressed that he has no problem with the cumbia singer.

“I have things very clear, be friends with whoever, that’s not my problem, I’m not the one to remove the job and decide who comes and who doesn’t come, in any case you would have to ask our producer if She is born or she is not born to invite you, because I come to do my job […]here is a producer that deserves respect, because it decides who comes and who doesn’t,” said the host at first.

Another thing he wanted to highlight Karla Tarazonawas that if she had the power to decide who enters the television set, she would have several names on her blacklist: “Clear issue, because if I had to veto friends of friends of friends, my list would remain girl,” he said.

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Giuliana Rengifo affirms that Karla Tarazona vetoed her from Panamerica Tv

During an interview that Giuliana Rengifo held with El Popular, the singer recounted the reasons why she did not approach the Panamericana Televisión channel and one of them would be because Karla Tarazona herself had apparently prohibited her entry.

“In the morning program where Kurt is (D’Mañana in Panamericana), I wanted to introduce myself and they don’t let me appear on that program because simply and simply I am a friend of Leonard and I am a friend of Olenka. I wanted to enter 9 ( ATV), and I haven’t been able to, so I think they shouldn’t do that kind of thing. One thing is your personal life and another thing is your career, your trajectory and what you do. Actually what I do is music, I do not mess with anyone, and if someone provokes me, I am a human being, I will always respond to injustice. They will not brand me as anything at all, even if it is Magaly Medina, Karla Tarazona or whatever. was,” Giuliana said.