Karla Tarazona did not receive $8,000 or a trust that Rafael promised her after their separation

Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez they ended their marriage in August, after almost 2 years of marriage. Both ended on good terms and the businessman publicly promised a series of economic benefits in favor of the presenter; However, it has now been revealed that the ‘King of Eggs’ has not fulfilled any of her promises.

Magaly Medina He broadcast a report on his program about the agreements that Rafael Fernández publicly promised in favor of Karla Tarazona after she left the house in which they both lived.

As it is recalled, before the end of their relationship, the businessman assured that he would continue to support the presenter and her children.

“When they just separated, Rafael told us: ‘I’m going to make a trust for those boys (Karla’s children), I’m very fond of them.’ With her fairness, he passed the truck to her in her name; the rent, he told her that if they leave within 15 days, the money that is as collateral, which is about 8,000 dollars, will stay for Karla, and she tells us that the apartment was not in her name and the collateral never arrived“, held.

Along these lines, Magaly Medina had strong comments against Rafael Fernandez and questioned the businessman for not keeping his promises. According to the presenter, the “King of Eggs” would only have tried to take care of his image.

“Sometimes people want to sell an image, to look good with the public, but all the promises are from the word of mouth.. I thought that Rafael thought that he was going to comply with everything he said, I thought that he had genuine affection for Karla Tarazona’s children, but he was lying. For this reason, sometimes one should not trust anyone, neither in someone’s face of good people, nor in the promises they make publicly “, he added.