Karla Tarazona differs from being confused with Pamela Franco: “That I have not had surgery”

Clarify that she is real. In the last edition of Mujeres al Mando, the television host Karla Tarazona was rating the characters of the Peruvian show business in their best swimsuits.

In the first instance, different artists were named, however, she was not spared from the production and was also put on the list where her partner Kurt villavicencio threw a bomb at him.

According to her setmate, Karla would resemble Pamela Franco, current partner of Christian dominguez, in bathing suits because of her curves, which left the driver stunned.

Noting that the popular Tarazona is different, she maintained that she is real and that despite what is said, she has not had surgery, nor has her legs increased.

“That I have not had surgery,” he is heard saying when being flattered by his attributes, however he also added that she is more upright than Pamela franco Well, the singer has her curves.

These comments generated the laughter of his colleagues who took it with great grace and the driver as well, since she was not uncomfortable at any time.

Karla Tarazona outraged with the ampay of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda

Last but not least, Karla Tarazona He asked to speak and railed against the ampay of Melissa and her dancer, as outrage won him over.

“Not only did it start with a dispute between parents, but we all witnessed a video of an ampay of her, when they supposedly sold a stable couple, a happy couple, on social networks,” he said.

“That is why I consider that none of these three situations deserves an award,” he concluded without wanting to reward them, so it was confirmed that it was not going to be done but that they made a call to take a teaching of it.

Karla Tarazona, her children and Rafael go on vacation: “Do not disturb, less if you don’t pay for them”

The television host Karla Tarazona goes on a family trip with her children and Rafael Fernández, but surprises when she warns against possible criticism, who did she send a message to?

“Vacation mode, the signal is gone !! Vacation mode … Please do not disturb. Except for you if you do not pay,” said the comic ex-actress in her Instagram stories.