Karla Tarazona, her children and Rafael go on vacation: “Do not disturb, less if you don’t pay for them” [VIDEO]

They take a break. The television host Karla Tarazona grabbed her suitcases and those of her three children and went to an unknown destination with her husband Rafael Fernández and sends a strong message to detractors and, to someone else?

“Ready !!!” was the first message that the comic ex-actress wrote on her social networks announcing that there was a family getaway with her little ones that she had with Leonard Leon Y Christian Domínguez.

But, there was a detail that caught the attention of his loyal followers, because not only did he announce that he would be in vacation mode with his loves, but he also left a mysterious dedication, to haters or to his exs? That only she knows.

“Vacation mode, the signal is gone !! Vacation mode … Please do not disturb. Except for you if you do not pay,” he wrote Karla Tarazona in your message via your account Instagram, where he did not say what destination he was going to, what he did leave in one of his posts was a small clue of his possible arrival in Mexico.

Karla Tarazona shows a tender moment between Rafael and his children: “My favorite person”

The businessman Rafael Fernández would maintain a very good relationship with the children of Karla Tarazona, with whom he had a fun and tender family moment.

“The day I saw you I felt like I already knew you and one minute was enough, I already felt I loved you. I love that you are so witty, suddenly you say things that blow my mind, but you are always present … You are my favorite person “is part of the lyrics of the song that the host shared.