Karla Tarazona is grateful to Rafael after his trip: “Every moment is forever tattooed”

Unforgettable moments. Radio host Karla Tarazona with her husband Rafael Fernández and their children have been spending some special days after going on vacation to the north of the country. Now the public figure shared some of his memories with his loved ones.

Through social networks, the former television host has received thousands of comments after it is known that her partner took her son Valentino, from Christian Domínguez to the beach for the first time. In this regard, the cumbia singer has been grateful to the Peruvian businessman.

Through an interview, the Cumbiambero accepted that he appreciates Rafael Fernández for the way he behaves with his son. Also, Karla Tarazona was quite excited and in love with her husband by living unforgettable moments.

“Every moment, every moment is forever tattooed in our mind and our heart lives, loves and enjoys that life is only one … this photo after the respective drowning and wallowing hahaha”, he wrote in another of his stories of his Instagram account.

Karla and Rafael reveal why they could not be in donation in Chincha: “Destructive politics”

What happened? The couple made up of Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández has generated good comments from their fans due to their noble work in bringing help to those most in need, but not everyone would be amused by their gestures of solidarity, so they let it be seen in one of their latest posts, what happened?

“We could not be there, but we still did not stop,” dictated the beginning of the post that both the comic exactrix and the businessman shared on their social networks, explaining the reasons why they were not present in the delivery of donations in Chincha Y Carmen.