Karla Tarazona moved to San Borja with her three children, after leaving Rafael Fernández’s mansion in La Molina

the television presenter Karla Tarazona He left the home he shared with Rafael Fernández in La Molina and moved with all his minor children to an apartment located in San Borja. Magaly TV The firm captured the moment when she arrived with her truck at this property.

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Magaly Medina revealed that the ex of the “King of Eggs” would pay a monthly rent that exceeds 5 thousand soles. The reporter of the program took the opportunity to obtain statements from the former model, but did not want to refer to the fund that the businessman was supposed to make for her children.

“I work on the radio, in Panamericana, in my events, I work in the 16 years and everything, especially what concerns my children, I pay for it,” she said, clarifying that she will assume everything of her little ones as she always has. done.

The ‘Magpie’ recalled that Rafael Fernandez He said that the guarantee of his residence in La Molina was going to be given to the television host, but that in the end he has not received this money.

“How is it not? When they just separated, the king of eggs told us: ‘I’m going to make a trust for those boys, I’m very fond of them.’ With fairness he gave her the truck in her name, the rent, he told her that if she leaves within fifteen days the money that is as guarantee, which is about 8 thousand dollars, will stay for Karla, and she tells us that the department was not in his name and the guarantee never arrived”, he sentenced.

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Magaly Medina criticizes “huevero” for not meeting the children of Karla Tarazona

The show host Magaly Medina questioned Rafael Fernandezthe popular “king of eggs” for not fulfilling the promises to the children of Karla Tarazona, to whom he said he would pay for the very expensive school that they were enrolled after marrying the former model.

With great nostalgia, Magaly Medina criticized the “egg man” for forgetting the three minor children of the television host. “She told us that she would make a trust for the boys, now nothing, she just passed the truck to Karla’s name,” she said LIVE.