Karla Tarazona on Leonard León: “I hope I have no problems traveling with my children to Disney”

Karla Tarazona She said that she plans to travel with her children to Disney to celebrate the birthday of her husband Rafael Fernández and their children there. However, the presenter pointed out that she first needs Leonard León’s permission to take her little ones out of the country.

The new driver D’Mañana assured that she will not absolutely ask her ex-partner to swim, only the authorization to take her children to the well-known theme park.

“In my case, I have all the disposition in the world and, what’s more, no penny is asked of the other party. Let’s hope my children travel this year! ”He told Grupo La República.

“In this case, it will be for legal issues, through notarial letters. Permission will be requested to see if it is given, since they have an age that both parents decide. My project this year is to take them to Disney “ added.

At the beginning of January, Karla Tarazona She went to the northern beaches to enjoy the summer with her children and her husband Rafael Fernández.

“We were in Tumbes and my children have enjoyed it, because we haven’t traveled for two years. Above all, my Valentino, which is the first time that he enjoys that form of the sea, that he throws himself, dives and wants to do a thousand things, “he said.

Karla Tarazona told Grupo La República that she does want to have a daughter with Rafael Fernández, but that will happen next year or a little longer.

“The issue is that, if the girl comes to our lives, I lose my throne, then the idea is that I still do not lose the throne for another year, over there. But, that if the girl is in plans, yes. My husband has three boys, I also have three boys, so imagine. A girl in the middle of seven men? I don’t know what’s going to happen, ”he said.