Karla Tarazona questions Renato Tapia: “I hope he signs the creature that is his right”

The television presenter Karla Tarazona spoke after learning about Renato Tapia’s statement in her social media, where he accepts that he has a 6-year-old son with Daniela Castro, which was revealed by her complaint in Magaly TV The firm that he has not legally given his last name. As he indicated in his message, the footballer hopes to reach a reconciliation with his childhood ex-partner and apologized to the public for not taking action at the time as it should have been.

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the ex of christian dominguez She was surprised by her words, since she pointed out that in order to legally recognize her son, it is not necessary to reach an agreement with Daniela. “To sign your son you don’t need a conciliation,” she stressed. after that nosy sHe referred to the fact that the athlete’s wife, Andrea Cordero, apparently was also aware of the existence of the minor, but has preferred to remain silent about it.

“In the first point, he asks his family for forgiveness. Here, forgiveness must be asked of his son and Daniela Castro for everything that happened. According to Daniela, the wife knew of the existence of the child. You as women and mothers if you find out that your couple had a child from their marriage, you would not force your husband to sign that child, “he questioned.

Karla Tarazona I believe that if a similar situation were to happen, I would doubt the role of a father that he will fulfill with his own children in the future. “The first thing I would think about as a mother would be if he is behaving like that with that child, what am I going to expect him to do with my own son,” she said.

Finally, he pointed out that he really hopes that the Peruvian team player will take responsibility because it is his son’s right. “Apart from the conciliation, hopefully he will go and sign a creature that is his right,” he said.

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Melissa Paredes reacts to Renato Tapia’s statement

The model Melissa Paredes also made her opinion known about Renato Tapia’s statement and pointed out that she finds it strange that the footballer has not wanted to sign it until now, despite the fact that his entire family already knew of the existence of the minor.

“This is a bit strange, I say it as a woman if you already knew the existence of the minor, don’t tell him, hey, sign it. This situation is kind of strange. It’s kind of strange that the whole family knows and hasn’t signed it. I don’t understand why not “said the popular ‘Meli’.