Karla Tarazona returns to driving with D’Mañana: “When you do well, things go well”

The happiest! Karla Tarazona has been working in recent months as a guest host in Mujeres al Commander, and now she is finally returning with a place of her own in D’Morning.

In the latest edition of the program, broadcast by Panamericana Televisión, Rafael Fernández’s wife was presented in style as the new jale, and she was quite excited.

For this reason, The Republic spoke with Karla Tarazona, who reflected on this new challenge accompanying Adriana Quevedo and Metiche, whom she already knew and with whom she has also worked before.

“The truth is that I am super happy, I start on the right foot. I have always said: ‘When you do well, things go well.’ What is for you, wherever you are, will always come to you,” he said.

Karla Tarazona He remembered his days at Hello Everyone with Metiche, and was glad. “I am happy, I have shared the screen with my dear Metiche for many years, since 2012 and now we meet again after a long time,” he said.

“With Adriana, as I have told, we have known each other since we were 15 years old, we have worked together when they paid us in exchange, from that time we knew each other, and the truth is that I am happy to work with people who are like your family, who treat you like this You know them a lot and they are always there to support you, “he concluded.

Christian Domínguez remembers LIVE his ‘wedding’ with Karla Tarazona: “It was not a joke”

Some days ago, Christian dominguez assured LIVE that his engagement contract with Karla Tarazona It happened because their divorce did not come out on time, not to joke.

“We both thought that the papers would come out on that date, that’s what the lawyer told us. As the date gets closer, they won’t come out, but we already had everything ready, so we saw the symbolic issue. Many thought it was a joke, but that’s It exists legally (…) I made it fashionable “, he sentenced.