Karla Tarazona reveals when she will be pregnant with her husband: “Still up to one more year”

It will enlarge your family! Karla Tarazona has just been married for one year to Rafael Fernández, and since they started dating they have not stopped saying how much they expect a girl, and now this could come true soon.

The host has just debuted as the new figure of D’Mañana, and in an EXCLUSIVE conversation with La República, she did not stop commenting on her pregnancy plans.

Karla Tarazona assured that with Rafael Fernandez They do not have an exact date for the sweet wait, but it could be “when everyone least expects it”, approximately in more than a year.

“The issue is that if the girl comes to our lives, I lose my throne, then the idea is that I still do not lose the throne for another year, out there. But, yes, the girl is in plans, yes” , he specified.

“My husband has three boys, I also have three boys, so imagine. A girl in the middle of seven men? I don’t know what’s going to happen. Actually I’m more worried about the daughter than about myself,” she added.

Karla Tarazona He recalled his wedding with Rafael Fernández to talk about this fact. “No (there is nothing projected), but as my husband says: ‘When you least expect it’, like the wedding, wait for the news,” he said.

“Always since we are together we have told it, we have said it, so at any time. There is no date, no time, no calendar,” said the host.

Finally, Karla Tarazona She said she will make a big announcement when she gets pregnant. “When I arrive, I will gladly announce it, because in truth I have announced my pregnancies very gladly, I do not like to hide. The prudent time and from there and tell them. If it is a woman, forget it,” he said.

Christian Domínguez remembers LIVE his ‘wedding’ with Karla Tarazona: “It was not a joke”

Some days ago, Christian dominguez assured LIVE that his engagement contract with Karla Tarazona It happened because their divorce did not come out on time, not to joke.

“We both thought that the papers would come out on that date, that’s what the lawyer told us. As the date gets closer, they won’t come out, but we already had everything ready, so we saw the symbolic issue. Many thought it was a joke, but that’s It exists legally (…) I made it fashionable “, he sentenced.