Karla Tarazona rules out being in Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show ‘El Gran Show’: “I will never set foot in that place again”

Never say Never. In the recent edition of D’Tomorrow The popular ‘Nosy’ He did not hesitate to troll his partner Karla Tarazona about an eventual invitation to Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show. As remembered, Tarazona she still has bad memories of when she was pregnant with CChristian Dominguez.

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Since, the relationship in those times between Karla Tarazona and Christian Dominguez began to have problems after both entered the program ‘The big show’ in 2016, where the singer’s partner was the dancer Isabel Acevedo.

Given this, Karla he mentioned that he would never go back to the blonde’s reality show. All this after ‘Metiche’ read that Gisela announces the end of ‘La Gran Estrella’.

“Gisela Valcárcel announces the end of her program this Saturday of her singing reality show. Last Saturday the rating did not accompany her, I would like the Malaga girl to win,” she said at first driver.

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“I would like the ‘Queens of the Show’ to return, the media have to return anyway. They tell me that Karla Tarazona has been calling her to dance in ‘The Queens of the Show,'” he added Nosy.

The answer of carla He did not wait: “I have already made my comment, I would not set foot in that place again, I am happy like this,” he asserted in the midst of the comments of Kurt and Carlos Cacho.

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