Karla Tarazona seeing Macarena Vélez unrecognizable: “She’s regal but she shouldn’t take photos” [VIDEO]

Nothing was saved. In an edition of the magazine D’Tomorrowthe TV host Karla Tarazona did not hesitate to comment on the recent images of the former reality girl Macarena Vélez partying with Paula ManzanalHowever, the detail is in the use of your profile. It all happened on the 10:30 a.m. show on Pan American Television, where the drivers left with everything. What happened?

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This time, they revealed their point of view on the new images of the models. For this reason, they did not hesitate to talk about the former reality girl.

“He is in Spain with Macarena Vélez and some impact filters,” he began Kurt Villavicencio. “Nooo, Macarena doesn’t look like that, in character Macarena doesn’t look like that, that filter doesn’t do her any justice,” he added. adriana quevedo.

“For me, Macarena is a super regal girl, but she shouldn’t take photos or record herself because it doesn’t benefit her at all,” she said. Karla Tarazona carefree

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Karla Tarazona confesses if she did witchcraft to Chabelita by Christian Domínguez: “The curse was cast”

We will finally know the reason for the end of Chabelitoh the singer In the latest edition of D’Tomorrowthe popular drivers did not waste time and, taking Fiorella Alzamora’s latest statements as a reference, they began to talk about the moorings and spells they performed on their former partners.

“I’ve always said, evil exists, but to tie someone up you don’t need to do those things, the curse was cast on her own,” said the popular host who was dying of laughter.

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Karla Tarazona “breaks” after not being able to travel with her children: Leonard León refused to sign the permit

In the recent edition ofMagaly TV La Firme‘, the TV host Karla Tarazona decided to contact the journalist Magaly Medina to tell her ‘the legal dispute’ she has with Leonard León, father of two of her children. This after the cumbia singer has flatly refused to give her authorization so that her children can travel with her and her husband Rafael Fernández to the United States.

“I have all the means to show that at no time has he been denied to come see them (…) he has been given all the facilities so that he can share (…) he always tells them later,” he added. carla, specifying that he does not ask for money to take them abroad. After recounting his problem in front of the screen, he couldn’t help but break down in front of the screen.

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Karla Tarazona ignores Leonard León for criticizing her husband Rafael Fernández

She became a lioness to defend her sweetheart. is that the driver of d’tomorrowKarla Tarazona, responded to her ex Leonard Leonwho called her Peruvian businessman husband Rafael Fernández a “ventriloquist doll”.

“He is so churro, handsome, that he looks like a doll and one of the intelligent ones. Who would not be proud to show off an intelligent doll with a good heart, a gentleman with all his letters well placed, and an enterprising businessman. Difficult for it to reach the heel of my doll, my little egg fiu fiu (laughs) ”, she expressed.

The popular

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Karla Tarazona shows off her husband Rafael Fernández with a peculiar phrase: “My little egg fiu fiu”

Karla Tarazona and her husband Rafael Fernández live an eternal honeymoon, because they constantly shout their love from the rooftops. Now, the presenter used her official Instagram account to share a photo of the businessman with a “romantic phrase”.

“My little egg fiu fiu”, the public figure wrote in his photograph. In addition, in the background of the song you can hear the song ‘Mi baby Fiu Fiu’: “Chocolate caramel soak me like this, like a showcase pionono roll me up like this, sugar heart”, the lyrics are heard

The popular

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Karla Tarazona differentiates Magaly Medina from Melissa Paredes LIVE: “She never put her son in”

today during the show D’Tomorrowthe drivers, Karla Tarazona, Kurt Villavicencio and Adriana Quevedo They made their position clear before the fight between Melissa Paredes and Magaly Medina, because as is known, the model responded from her Instagram to the Urraca, which generated a new dispute, because he put the journalist’s son. Given this, what did the couple say?king of eggs‘?

“It seems to me to put the children up to the legs, when she herself is answering her daughter’s questions, no matter what happens with Magaly Medinashe never put her son in, “he added Karla Tarazona.

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Karla Tarazona after legal problem of Melissa and Gato Cuba: “None is fit to have the girl”

As you know, the presenter of d’tomorrow He also has legal problems with his ex-partner Leonard León, with whom he has some public dimes and diretes. However, she clarified that her situation is another to which she leads the former model with the soccer player, but stated that her priority is to safeguard the integrity of the minor among the problems of her parents.

“I am in this type of trials, it is emotionally exhausting, it is annoying, but they are different situations, it is a different situation from the one I live with my children. What I learned is that there are people who are not going to understand when talking and we have to resort to to these instances… to put a brake and say just this far,” he said at the beginning.

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Karla Tarazona highlights that her husband was a father at 16 and differentiates him from Leonard León

The radio host confesses that her now husband is all terrain and took responsibility for her children from day one.

“I am happy, thank God I have what I deserve. They love me and respect me. They no longer abuse me psychologically or physically. I have by my side a true man who gives his life for me and my children. So the others don’t interest me,” he added.