Karla Tarazona speaks after a photo of Leonard León with her children: “The lie has short legs”

The television host Karla Tarazona made it clear that the photo shared by Leonard León with his children shows that he never forbade him to see them. The model pointed out that there have been two times that she would have seen them in 2021.

“Yes. Once a year it is good to remember the family. Well, it was the second time that you have seen them during 2021,” he told Trome.

Karla Tarazona pointed out that her children were calm after this outing with their father since they always wanted this meeting, but the refusal was never on their part.

“They are calm. They have always wanted to see him and the refusal was from the other party (León), but not from my children or mine either. If my children tell me that they are going to go out with their father, let them go out,” he added.

The radio host also confirmed that in this way it is verified that she is not the “bad guy”.

“There it is, then, so that you can see. The lie has short legs. Both parents (Leonard and Christian Domínguez) have the doors open to go and pick them up. They have never been forbidden, despite the fact that with Domínguez we have also disemboweled ourselves”, sentenced.

Rafael Fernández surprised Karla Tarazona’s children with a super gift

The businessman Rafael Fernández has won the hearts of Karla Tarazona’s children and this time he surprised them all with a super gift, despite being punished.

“Yes, yes, they were punished one for their grades and the other for disobedient, I told them that as the days go by they behave well and obey they will be given their gifts … so today is Christmas for them,” said the television host about it.