Karla Tarazona takes her chest out for her husband and compares him with Advíncula: “He’s also chinchano”

That is love. The popular host Karla Tarazona was sent with everything and when she saw different characters of the Peruvian National Team she did not say much, however she defended her husband Rafael Fernández with everything.

When Luis Advíncula’s turn came, his setmates were more than surprised, because the player’s skin tone, his bearing and sporty body enchanted them.

“It seems to me that Advíncula is a boy who, like a good Chinchano, has a very good body, well worked, quite a bearing …”, began Dorita Orbegoso.

What Karla Tarazona Whoever stayed out of the flattery jumped up quickly and shouted that she was also happy, because her partner is also from Chincha.

“Now you know why I am happy, my husband is also from Chincha,” she said, generating the laughter of all her companions who consider her to be a faithful lover.

Paolo Guerrero shocks MAM drivers: “His swimwear is 10 years old”

In a segment where the conductors had to qualify the celebrities with bathing suits, it was the turn of Paolo Guerrero on the beach.

Being featured by Kurt villavicencio, Karla Tarazona Y Chris Soifer, were very interested in knowing how the popular Warrior defends himself and shows off his toned body under the sun.

However, their surprise was great to see him wearing swimwear that would not suit him, they even dared to say that they were a bit disappointed, since ‘el capi’ is characterized by always dressing in fashion.