Karla Tarazona traveled with her children and Rafael Fernández: “Do not disturb, less if you do not pay”

Karla Tarazona She decided to get away from her media dispute with Leonard León and traveled to the north of the country with her three children and her fiancé Rafael Fernández. The television figure shared images of the funny moments he is living with his cocky and sent a strong message.

Recently, the singer accused his ex-partner of not allowing his two children to communicate with him through the phone and indicated on his social networks that the driver alleges that children are only allowed to use cell phones for one hour a day.

“And when his father calls, can’t they give him the phone? Here I have all the evidence that I write, call and have no answer. When a parent calls, there should be no restrictions. I hope to have a response from my children as soon as possible and that they give them their cell phone so that they can talk to me ”, was his request.

The presenter of Women in command shared a portrait of her arrival in the north with Rafael Fernández and the three children. Karla Tarazona addressed her detractors with a singular message and made reference to Leonard León’s comments.

“Please do not disturb, less if you do not pay,” he wrote on his official Instagram account.

Karla Tarazona responded loud and clear to Leonard León and assured that he has never denied the cumbiambero to see his two children. The Latina figure told a local media that he has always had the opportunity to pick up the children and be able to spend time with them despite his debt for alimony.

“We don’t have any kind of communication. He lost visitation; Despite this, you have the facilities if you want to pick up your children. The subject under discussion was never if you don’t give me (maintenance), I won’t let you see them. On my part there was never that, despite the fact that the man owes me more than 50,000 soles, “he said to El Popular.