Karla Tarazona warns Leonard León for asking to reduce his debt: “I will go all the way”

A few days ago it was announced that Leonard León was prohibited from leaving the country due to a debt that he maintains for not having paid for the alimony of the two children he had with his ex-partner Karla Tarazona. The unexpected news was quickly replicated and answered by the person involved, because the singer came out to request that the S / 78 thousand that he would not have paid be reduced. This reached the ears of the driver and she decided to issue a warning.

As you remember, Leonard He used his social networks with the purpose of making it known that he does not have the necessary means to make this remuneration, a fact that led him to ask to reduce the indebtedness and, to that wave of questions that came to him after that post in his official countwas added that of Tarazona.

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The latter made its firm position known, since it made it clear that it will ignore any request that Lion claim in any way. In addition, he emphasized that if he reached that instance judicially, it is because there is necessary evidence that ruled that he was prevented from leaving and surely another sentence in relation to the case.

“Justice is the same for everyone, if it has come this far it is because there is evidence, the law is the law. I will let justice take care of everything and I will go all the way,” he said. Karla Tarazona in an interview he had with Trome.

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Leonard León will appeal the exit impediment

The singer Leonard León left a statement on his social networks after the news about his impediment to leave because of the debt you have for food towards the children he had with Karla Tarazona.

To do this, in your account instagram He shared two photographs where it can be seen that Leonard He considers that his freedom of movement is violated because being in a group, he has to leave on some occasions Peru in order to meet dates.

“In the media there is a news item where it is mentioned that I am prevented from leaving the country, for which I must say the following: My right to free transit is being violated, the right to work outside the country, since as an artist I always travel to go on tours. I have roots, therefore. at what point is there a flight risk?”

Subsequently, Lion He indicated that he will be waiting for the court to rectify the amount of money he owes to his minors, announcing that he will seek the appeal of the case for the prohibition of his departure.

“I am waiting for the alimony reduction resolution to return to the court of origin, which came out in my favor, taking into account the needs of the obligee, and for it to be executed. I am also ready for the liquidation process, considering my deposits in the months in question. Since my rights have been violated, I will appeal that decision that does not make sense,” he said.