Karla Tarazona would have paid almost 14,000 soles for the rent of her new apartment

Karla Tarazona It was the main cover of the show portals after the abrupt separation with Rafael Fernández less than two years after getting married. After several twists and turns and statements from both sides, the driver finally left the luxurious residence in La Molina where she lived with the businessman, and now she moved to a property located in San Borja.

Leonard León’s ex-partner did not give details of the apartment in which she now lives, but Magaly Medina’s reporters managed to reveal the details of said house. According to the show program, the presenter would have paid a large sum of money to start residing in her new home.

In that sense, the feared “magpies” found out that Karla Tarazona would have to pay 4,400 soles per month for the rent of the aforementioned property. That means that the still wife of Rafael Fernández would have paid almost 14,000 soles to be able to move, since the owners of the apartment demanded the cancellation of a month in advance and two months of guarantee.

It should be noted that the residence, which is very close to the Pentagonito, has three bedrooms, a bathroom in the main room and a guest room, living room, terrace, kitchen, and ‘family room’, all within 150 meters squares.

After their separation, Rafael Fernandez He made a series of promises to Karla Tarazona, during an interview with Magaly, such as the payment of a trust for her children. However, the popular “Urraca” reported that this money never reached the hands of the presenter, as well as the guarantee that she would remain in the house in La Molina.

“When they just separated, Rafael told us: ‘I’m going to make a trust for those boys (Karla’s children), I’m very fond of them.’ With just her, the truck passed in her name; the rent, he told her that, if they leave within 15 days, the money that is as guarantee, which is about 8,000 dollars, will stay for Karla. She tells us that the apartment was not in her name and that the guarantee never arrived, ”she said.