Karla Tarazona would not have received the 8 thousand dollars, nor the trust promised by Rafael Fernández [VIDEO]

How strong. In the recent edition of Magaly Tv: The FirmMagaly Medina was surprised that the promise made in his program by businessman Rafael Fernández, the popular ‘King of Eggs’ have not fulfilled it. As recalled, Karla Tarazona’s ex-partner assured that she would give a trust to the driver’s children, as well as the $8,000 guarantee for the La Molina house.

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After presenting a note from Karla Tarazona, Magaly Medina He was encouraged to criticize the businessman: “How is it not? When they just separated, the king of eggs told us: ‘I’m going to make a trust for those boys, I’m very fond of them.’ in her name, the rent, he told her that if she leaves within fifteen days the money that is as guarantee, which is about 8 thousand dollars, will stay for Karla, and she tells us that the apartment was not in her name and the guarantee never came,” he said at first.

“Sometimes people want to sell an image, to look good with the public, but all the promises are from the mouth out. I thought that Rafael Fernández thought that he was going to fulfill everything he said, I thought that he had a real affection with the children of Karla Tarazona,” he added.

“That’s why sometimes you shouldn’t trust anyone or someone’s face as a good person or the promises they make publicly,” said the ATV figure. In this regard, the driver of D’Tomorrow He did not want to comment on the promise of ‘a fund’ made by Rafael Fernández.

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Giuliana Rengifo annoys with the DJ who made a remix of ‘Police and the officer’: “I will defend myself”

Giuliana Rengifo was furious, despite the fact that the DJ does not mention her in his remix because of the ‘police costume’ joke, the participant of ‘The big show’ The journalist Samuel Suárez from Instarandula attacked him and his detractors with a message.

“Dress up as a police officer so that you can be the official one… Run rune, run rune, there they go for all the monkeys with machine guns, those for which for many years they were the forgotten and hidden ones”, is heard saying in the lyrics of the song which does not mention his name.