Kate del Castillo and her family spent their last Christmas at their home in Mexico: Time not coming

The renowned actor Eric del Castillo and his wife, Kate Trillo, parents of the protagonist of The Queen of the South decided to put an end to their residence in the mansion located south of Mexico City, and as revealed by their daughter Verónica for the program The sun rises, they will start 2022 in a new home, which may be in Los Angeles with Kate del Castillo.

That is why the actress traveled on these Christmas dates to her native country, to visit her family and rest for the last time in the home where she grew up. However, reaching this decision was not easy; As indicated in the interview with Verónica del Castillo, having to leave the house was a tremendous task for her parents, due to the value it has for them.

They want something less ostentatious, which is why they are very likely to move abroad. “They already sold it, but they haven’t moved yet. They are looking for a smaller house and reduce (expenses), because that house is huge, that is, since Kate left they have been too big ” revealed the older sister.

The exorbitant amounts of money they invested each month in maintenance was what prompted them to sell it. “They also want to reduce expenses, because a pool and all that … it’s great that they have it, but … we have plans to go live with Kate in Los Angeles Then, also for that reason several changes were made ”, he added.

The journalist and television host stressed that they keep countless memories at the residence. “It will hurt my parents to leave that house, because they have enjoyed it enormously. My mother feeds the squirrels, they have their garden, their pool, they have had many parties on September 15th, my mother’s pozoles are traditional, but everything is for the better … Of Kate they have almost only photos and her bedroom ”, he pointed.

The actress who plays Teresa Mendoza in the series La Reina del Sur shared several photographs on her social networks, from her arrival at the airport, her meeting with fans, her dear friend Roxana Castellanos and then, finally, with her family.

“I had not come for so long that I am happy to be here” Kate expressed. As it is recalled, Kate del Castillo had to stop working in Mexico after the controversy that arose when it was revealed that she had contact with Joaquín ‘el Chapo’ Guzmán, former leader of the Sinaloa cartel, and that is why no local production company offered her a job.

“I would like to work much more in Mexico. I know that I went to look for new opportunities, and I found them. The truth is, I am happy in life with everything I have achieved, I am happy, “she said in one of her last interviews. He also revealed that he does not forget what his origin is. “What’s more, There in Mexico there is a very good team, a lot of talent and super capable people … of course I would love to return ”.

Now he will have the opportunity to return to his native country, because in 2022 he will return to Mexican lands to star in the new series A beautiful lie, based on the book Anna Karenina by León Tolstoy, which he will also produce.

The program will focus on the life of the famous diver who, throughout her history, falls in love with a musician. “Reinterpreting a classic is a huge responsibility and our intention is to do it justice. We are telling a story with very strong female characters where infidelity is an important component “ confessed the public figure.