Kate Hudson enters the world of beauty with a natural mask

Hollywood actors are often involved in multiple projects, even beyond the movies. Some open restaurants, others create production companies, and lately it is very fashionable to venture into the world of beauty and clothing. Stars like Rihanna and Drew Barrymore have started lines of their own. Now, Kate Hudson joins the list.

Kate Hudson is not unknown in the retail world. The protagonist of Girlfriend War already has a collection of sportswear: Fabletics. She released this in October 2013 and today it is a favorite of several Hollywood stars. In 2021, due to the pandemic, they made a clothing line designed for comfort, to be used at home.

This January 7, the actress has joined the Juice Beauty company to enter the world of beauty. Together with this he has created his first skin care product. This is a mask that promises to leave your skin looking like new.

The company’s website describes collaboration as a customizable, personal-care-oriented experience. It consists of masks made with natural powders, which are mixed with water and then applied to the face with a brush. They are made to hydrate, detoxify and clarify the skin.

The product is free from animal testing and vegan. Its ingredients are organically certified. They are based on the acacia plant, clay, aloe, grape, olive tree, rose petals and hyaluronic acid salt. Additionally, the packaging is made from recycled glass, wood, and paper.